About Me

Colleen grew up in Indiana, and at an early age showed an interest in art. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. Upon graduating she ventured west, to pacify her urge of travel and to experience a broader exchange of the world outside the Midwest.  After having worked in several creative arenas, and met some amazing artists, she was inspired to return to Indiana to pursue her artwork full time (and be closer to her aging family).

She currently works as the Gallery Director at Ivy Tech Community College, which is one of the only three local colleges in Northern Indiana that is NASAD (National Association of Schools of Arts & Design) accredited. She implements and organizes gallery events, department events, and exhibits for the school year while working with department faculty. 

In her 18 years of working on commercial and personal projects, she developed her artistic, technical and people skills necessary to produce a diversified portfolio containing thousands of images. Colleen focuses her lens on a variety of subjects capturing personality and essence while showing them off in an interesting and unique way.
Her tool of the trade for a long time was her Minolta film camera, but is prolific in both film and digital. Her photography focuses on discovering expressions of the everyday. She is as comfortable in the studio as on the street. From intimate portrait to large events, she works in a relaxed manner to bring out the best in people.

Specialties: Adobe Creative suite, Photography, Illustration,
Project Management, Administrative, Word Press, Html, CSS, Photo Editing, Typography, Web banners,
Posters, Printed materials, Layout design

In her spare time she creates block prints, and loves printing on anything that is flat. She enjoys: coloring, pen and ink, and attempts to create something new every other day. As well, establishing a healthy relationship with her cat, Gracie. Who refuses to take no when denied anything.