Craft to Business

to craft for fun or for Business

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I've always thought it would be great to start my own little crafy business, and this article really helps. My main thing is lack of work to send out - and therefore taking the time to set those goals and create is based on my own sloth-y-ness.

Maybe this year I'll be more diligent.

Here is a bit on the article.

1. Set Goals

One way to tackle the shift in thinking that’s necessary to becoming a savvy businessperson is to set clear and defined goals for yourself. Your goals should be unique to you. A goal can be as simple as “Get one Etsy sale within a month” or as large as “Get three more wholesale orders before June.”
Your goals should be achievable, flexible, and scaleable. This means that you know what you need to do in order to achieve them, that you can shift your goals at any time to track with your definition of success, and be scaleable to your expanding notion of success. Because once you reach your goal of making one Etsy sale, what’s the next goal? Is it five sales in a month? Ten? Is it to get one blog to write about you? Three? Keep moving up the success ladder.

steps 2 thru 5 are on the blog post.


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