Library of Congress

“Maybe when people longed for a thing that bad the longing made them trust in anything that might give it to them.”  

Library of Congress has a Flicker site, it's lovely.

According the Wiki - b/c apprentaly I read them alot and reference them, but I double checked this is accurate..

"The Library makes millions of digital objects, comprising tens of petabytes, available at its American Memory site. American Memory is a source for public domain image resources, as well as audio, video, and archived Web content. Nearly all of the lists of holdings, the catalogs of the library, can be consulted directly on its web site. Librarians all over the world consult these catalogs, through the Web or through other media better suited to their needs, when they need to catalog for their collection a book published in the United States. They use the Library of Congress Control Number to make sure of the exact identity of the book."

The important aspect here is PUBLIC DOMAIN - that means there is no restriction for use of these images. Either they were taken so long ago the right has run out or like most images from the Library of Congress - these images were funded by tax payers. So we paid for it, so download those images and enjoy them!

I love this image of the baseball player. It's literally beautiful! (to me)


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