How many emails can one person have?

I have six.


Yahoo - 2 accounts - One for Flicker - from years ago, you had to have a yahoo account to sign up & one for junk mail.
Gmail -2 accounts -  people were telling me it's more professional so I got it for my business class - why I got the other one I forget.
Hotmail - 2 accounts - one I've had this for YEARS and can't get rid of it, the other b/c I was getting too much junk mail - so I have one that I use soely just for friends.

This doesn't include the 2 work emails.AND doesn't include the emails I get from the multiple job sites or freelance sites I've signed up for over the years. It's crazy.

So, whenever a service HOTMAIL wants to make something user friendly and easier to use - I'm cool with that. According to techradar ...

" The Hotmail name has a heritage. It was one of the earliest webmail services and according to Brian Hall, general manager of what's still called the Windows Live team, it's still "the world's largest webmail service". So why do away with the name?--  Outlook has a lot of brand recognition too, of course and Hall told TechRadar "we took the best of each of those, but we also recognized that we needed to move on to do something new". That's not just the "modern, clean design" that's intended to work well on smartphones and tablets, but tools to help with the two biggest categories of email we get these days"
Like gmail - you can combine multiple emails into one log in - it's still two different emails but one login. One less thing to remember. Plus I've been using Outlook for years @ work so ok - good to go.

This site explains how to combine the new feature of Hotmail to Outlook - and combining your multiple hotmail accounts to one. It's a very simple tutorial and well worth the 5 minutes.

at any rate, whats my point - i have none - just sharing.


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