Google your name

I've been googgling my name ever since Google existed, before Google was a verb.

I'm redoing my website, and for the most part photos and watermarking them is easy compared to what to name the darn site! With all the Colleens' and all the McCahill's in the world (which isn't many), someone already has a website for Colleen - so now I have to think what to name the website. I think Cdesignnphoto is too vague, well at least the "C" part.

My first name in virtual print appeared at my long time virtual friend's website, Queensboro Ballad I say virtual b/c we have never actually met in person, just chatted and emailed via online.

Either way it's interesting.

I'm still debating on the name, I'm thinking of just going with what I have for this blog name. Life is Developing. But would it be photography or design or neither?

Decisions decisions

here are some helpful site to figure out what you should name your site.

What NOT to do article, found here.


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