Photoshop Mosiac Layer

This Mosaic tutorial, from Graphic Media blog, was really easy, the only hard part was trying to find the image that will make up the mask part for the image.

After researching for this tutorial, I couldn't remember where I had seen it, and here is the original, Photoshop User Magazine. I checked the magazine out from the library and scanned in this particular tutorial. After doing the tutorial I didn't remember this so I googled the tutorial and found it on the above website. It was exactly what was in the magazine, per image and everything, which probally isn't copyright legit. But after looking @ the Magazines website it cost 99 bucks for the subscription, and with the subscription you get tuturials. So maybe the person from the blog is just sharing. Either way - Thank you! It really bothers me that certain website always charge for every little thing. They make money from their magazine and advertising, they can't offer one free tutorial a month?

The British magazine, Computer Arts is awesome, not only would I spend the 20 bucks on their wonderful magazine, their website offers FREE Tutorials.

Anyhooo.. here is what I made with the Mosaic Tutorial. it's a pretty cool affect. And its as simple as choosing filter.


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