I love novelty cameras!! Instant cameras take the photographer to a simpler place, instead of just pointing and shooting which you can do, and which I refer to a place called "going Rainman" you might end up with some really neat shots. But if you love photography, then you should think before you take (even if it's only a second) to get a really good photo you have to think about what your taking - from Holga to Lomography, they are basically point and shoot cameras.

Point and shoot. That's it. But a good photographer will have an idea of what they want first. But part of enjoying your happy or occupation is to have fun and to constantly learn how to improve your skills. So, however you do it, just shoot and learn what you like.

Now this camera from Lomography, called the Actionsampler Chrome was a fun little camera, but for me it broke after 4 rolls of film in less than a year.

Here are some images I took in California, Venice Beach. I bought the camera there in California and got one more roll out of it by the time I got back to the midwest, I was bummed. But it's a cool little camera.


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