The Photography of Tonie Frissell

I think I'll re-post some of my older posts, but edit them so they make sense. I've learned a lot in blogger, finding tutorials and keeping my own blog this last year updated helps quite a bit.

I've mentioned before the Library of Congress offers free images of older photography. Tonie Frissell was a female photographer setting the way for future female photographers. Without going on a rant about how women photographers tend to shoot babies and weddings, there are few you see on lists of photographers to remember now and way back when. So, when I find them I try to remember them. Hope you do too.

According to the Library of Congress website, Toni Frissell is "remembered today principally for her high-fashion photography for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, Toni Frissell (1907-1988) volunteered her photographic services to the American Red Cross, Women's Army Corps, and Eighth Army Air Force during WWII. On their behalf, she produced thousands of images of nurses, front-line soldiers, WACs, African-American airmen, and orphaned children"

Her Fashion images are amazing, here are some...

Here are some of her war photography she did for the government. I wish the government still did this...or do they??? hmmm

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