Photoshop Tutorial-Water

This tutorial was fun!

It's similar to a tutorial I did for class, so on this one I didn't use hidden images within the splash, but added one in the background. And as you can see didn't use alcohol- but rather rubbing alcohol. he he

This was a great tutorial b/c of the visuals & screen captures. It is very helpful. The creator gives links to the reference images, and so far I think Stock Exchange is a great FREE image website. Of course, if your looking for something specific like I was the other day "break dancer, female" for another tutorial I'm working on, it was nearly impossible. I think that is usually the case when you are looking for images of people. Copyright. (see previous post)

Before                                                                       After

and this is the one I worked on before for Class assignment, done in Photoshop, tutorial found here.

before...                                                                             after....


original images I took


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