Hit Record - I'll try that! thank you

has some kinks in it, but it seems to be an awesome idea, I was just trying to access their about or help page, and it kept taking me back to the featured page...needless to say I'm going to try to stick with it...here is their official blurb on themselves...

"HitRECord is an open-collaborative production company, and this website is where we make things together. We make things a little differently around here."

HitRecord is the brain child of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the break down is thus...artists come together to create collaborate and combine their art words and music to create something new piece of art. It's an awesome idea, my only downside thought is the website, which is the major platform to navigate the other art work is hard to navigate. I find myself in the same place all the time, when I'm trying to go forward I end up going backward...which in a sense is the story of my life.  ha!


There are few things around anymore that are original.

"Repetition is the death of art" ~Northern Exposure quote.

But for the most part, with over thousands of years of art, repetition is bound to happen. One persons original idea may already have been someones idea across the planet already done, so why not collaborate and create something new?

This is what I've submitted for one collaboration regarding the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  What I wrote to describe the photo is underneath.

 As women we are in constant flux of what we are and who we should be. I see the story of LRRH as a story of struggle of oneself - not a struggle of men against women. It is the mother who demands the girl to go out, she demands her to be good, her grandmother requires her attention, she is good she is evil, she listens to the big bad wolf & is happy - but what if she is the wolf? what if she is evil and good? She is sexual she is innocent. We already require so much of our self why can't we be wolves as well? Devour the innocent we devour ourselves.

Definitely check out the site, it's awesome!


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