Food Photography

Having a photo stylist is a wonderful thing, but learning it yourself is even better. I found some great websites about tips and how to style your food photography to make it look more appetizing.

This website, Running with Tweezer has some great before and after shots.


 and after. Visit her website to see how she got from point A to B.

Here are some things done that sounds crazy gross... list supplied by Rapid Food.
Cotton balls, which, when soaked and microwaved, perform quite nicely in creating the illusion of steaming-hot foods.
Spray deodorant, which gives grapes that desirable frosty veneer.
Hairspray, which can give (the appearance of) new life to a drying-out slab of cake.
Spray fabric protector, to prevent the motor-oil syrup from soaking into the pancake, which has bursting blueberries artfully pinned to it in an aesthetically pleasing, yet random, scattering (still hungry?).
Toothpicks, to hold unruly sandwiches together and tease out perfect crumbs from hot (wink wink) muffins.
Smoke pellets or incense sticks, which can stand in for steam as long as they are lightly fanned so their smoke disperses, avoiding the appearance of a lit cigarette laying behind the pot pie.
White glue, used instead of milk for cereal photos and for pie repair (that would be the pie actually filled with mashed potatoes, where a serving-sized piece is cut out, with the resulting opening’s edges slathered with lemon custard or rhubarb-strawberry filling).
Paper towels, which, when artistically torn into blob shapes, can make gooey syrups stick to the top of ice cream, which may really be a concoction of powdered sugar and shortening

I'm not sure how I feel about all that artificial stuff to make food look appetizing, most food photography I like are from photo blogs, people who use natural light to highlight what they made in their own kitchen. That is something I'd rather do, I usually buy stuff @ the supermarket, and it's not the best picture perfect item. But I'm working on it.  :-)

According to 6 Bittersweets, a lovely blog that has some great tips on composition, like including yourself (hand) in your photo see below.

 I'm still working on my food photography but here are a couple of mine.


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