Art on Track

Cool idea I ran across on Kickstarter. This looks like an awesome idea. I'm totally going to go in September. I even mentioned it to the chair of the dept for Ivy Tech, b/c they have to plan a calendar of events for students.

Art on track is a wonderful concept for the Chicago area.

What it is...

Art on Track is a CTA train which circles just the “Loop” track.  Each train car has been transformed into a gallery open to the public. For the 5th time, Art on Track will gather a group of artists and designers from Chicago’s diverse creative industries for an extraordinary mobile gallery experience.

The train will make stops at Adams/Wabash, Washington/Wells, Quincy/Wells, and Randolph/Wabash.

You are invited to board the train at Adams and Wabash and ride the loop track, switching between cars at our designated stops.  Ride for as long as you like.

Below photos are from their blog.

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