The Art of a Magazine

I love magazines. And as an avide I heart the environment person, I know they aren't good. But I love the smell, the feel, the look, and if done well the photography and the content.

The most inspiring magazine is more like a book. There are no commericals or ads in the magazine because its privately funded.

Esopus Magazine

"The Esopus Foundation Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in New York State in 2003. It was formed to provide an unmediated forum through which artists, writers, musicians, and other creative people can make a direct connection with the general public."

I first discovered the magazine I think when I was in LA @ a bookstore. It was full interact-able (if that is a word) it had pictures I can pull out and hang up, art work and articles and inspiration to aspire to. It costs a bit more than a magazine$20.00 bucks, but for something with no ads, and all profits go to creative people it worth the investment. It usually has a CD of some sort in it as well. Recently I remembered about the magazine, since I never threw away my #6 edition, 2006 first magazine. I looked on line a couple of years ago and the only place in Indiana I could get it, was actually in Illinois @ the Chicago Art Institute's book store. According to their website I might have to find a new place, or order online.

Here are the ones I have... The image will take you to their website...


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