Photographer Inspiration - Gertrude Blom

When I went to IU Bloomington I would spend hours in their library looking @ their vast collection of art books. Among them one day was a collection of photos by Gertrude Blom. I used to photocopy photographs that I liked, knowing I would want to remember her. I was cleaning out my collection of photocopies and remembered her all over again. I love photojournalists that have an eye for the art, the art to capture the image and moment in time.

Gertrude Blom, died in 1993 at the ripe age of 92, she was a Swiss-born sociologist and photographer who spent five decades documenting the Mayan cultures of southern Mexico.

Mrs. Blom, who was also a journalist, anthropologist and explorer, and spent most of her time in San Cristbal de las Casas in the southern state of Chiapas.

You can see more photos from Gertrude Blom here.


                                                                                    Portrait of the Photographer

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