Saturday Video - Big Bang Theory

I'm officially naming Saturday Video day! or at least Post a video day...or something to that extent. Yah SVD. That sounds too much like STD...maybe I'll change it... 


So after some issues with my computer and paid the computer guy 60bucks to clean the fan and put some anti heat gel on it, my computer is up & running again. Not that you would of missed it, but I did. And its much quieter. The fan was clogged with dust and stuff so it was over heating & forcing itself to turn off. Crashing. Do macs have that problem? Maybe some day I'll have a mac, if not no biggie, their always updating it would be impossible to keep up. And I'm not one of those people that has to have the updated version of this. Money can be spent on other bigger & better. (FYI - if I did have the extra money I would buy a flat screen tv, I still have a tube one OMG! right?!) oh who cares?!  :-P

I'm attaching a funny link for Big Bang Theory - Sheldon tries his hand @ video taping a "Fun with Flags" show.

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