Photoshop crutches

I've always been a long believer that real photographers should know their camera, and should be able to take a great photo without all the bells & whistles.  They should be able to do what they can in Photoshop, before Photoshop. Most people anymore rely on Photoshop to make them photographers, and to fix their work. Fix it is the word. If someone takes an image for the sole purpose to manipulate it in Photoshop, to create a work of art with the assistance of an artistic tool. Then more power to them. Any more though, with the age of digital, I see photographers who take mediocre photos, take them into Photoshop to try to fix them & then pass themselves off as photographers. Just because the lighting is bad or some horrible weird pose might look cooler with a filter on it doesn't mean it should be, it shouldn't have to exist.Why are people paying these people to take bad photos? Mostly because their rates are cheap.(that's another thing that burns my breaches)

Heres a website dedicated to bad Photoshop, Photoshop Disasters.

To be a really good photographer you have to have an eye. At least to garner any respect from me, and I'm not saying I'm fabulous and the next RANKIN. I do know I have talent & I'm always trying to learn more and do more. But I see "photographers" who are just weird guys trying to take a picture of a pretty girl, the image ends up being grainy (yes with digital - GWC) with an awkward pose or facial expression, or something that looks like it should be in Hustler. Not a fashion magazine. And I am referencing something I have a point.

What was my point?

I could go on as well, or question, why do the girls let the photographers do that, but that's another issue another post.  I mentioned last month that I signed up for a free photography group & for the most part I find people or models who actually want to model, and aren't just doing it to do it because they have nothing else their doing that day. But the photos and the themes coming out of the group are ... dull, so-so, any thesaurus work for mediocre. Don't get me wrong, there are some really talented photographers & models in the group, I wouldn't be giving them another chance if their weren't.

I guess I'm expressing my frustration that people overuse Photoshop b/c they pick up a camera & call themselves a photographer. eeee gags.

Here is an example... this is my own work of a bad pose that I didn't like but using for example. The original image...

The model was trying something "different", one of those moments when she said, "let me try this". I was like, "uh. ok" After I took the photo. Then suggested the another option. See the last image.

Here is a sample of good Photoshop (I think) I like the pose but I wanted it to have a more stylish cross processed look, some filters n actions and Viola. Something I like. 

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