Frustration...but heres some advice

Image I found on Vectezzy & then colored it in
This goes for any freelancer - photography or graphic design.

I found this great website, Designpanoply, the whole list is very useful, but #2 always hits home for me. I always find myself doing "free" photography because I think it will get me some references (it never does). I even tell people, "just spread the word - tell people - let your friends know". I like taking photos, and yes I like adding new photos to my portfolio. But making money would be nice. What can really be frustrating is when you did something free for someone once, and then ask you to do pictures again, you want to charge something and then never hear from them. I had one person contact me that I used to work for, I took pictures of his step-daughter for a class project, and 2 years later when she wanted senior pictures, and I asked for $50.00 to take the picture I never heard from them. So, its hard to do free stuff for friends & family, #3 on the Designpanolpy list.

2. Working For Cheap Because It Will Be "Great Exposure"

Do you know what is great exposure? Making a paying client so thrilled that they recommend you to all their connections because of the quality of your work.
Do you know what is not great exposure? Doing design work for minimum wage and having your client tell all his/her friends how cheap you are.
It is extremely tempting to be the cheapest option, especially when you are first starting out and want to get some clients under your belt. The problem is that if you start off doing work for ridiculously low prices, then you build a reputation for being the "pretty-much-free" designer.
You can build a body of work that will get you paying jobs without selling your soul.
If you are just starting out, build your portfolio with personal projects that you enjoy, not by doing free or half price work.  {source Designpanoply}

There is even a section on copyright for photography, like don't use crappy free photos for design work. Duh.

Best quote from the article is "On top of that, many clients don't know what is best for them, and part of your job as a designer is to educate them as to why your design works best."

Good luck people! If you figure out the secret let me know!

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