Photography for Free

There are times when offering your services for free is a good thing, the obvious for charity. I volunteered to create a website for my web class last year and created the website for a non-profit called SPA Women's Ministry. They wanted a "about" us page of course, and so I volunteered to take all their portraits. It not only helps them present themselves to be more professional, but it helped with my class and creating a more cohesive and professional website.  You can see more portraits and what I designed at their website.

Recently though I took my first pregnant photos. Well not my first, I did some pre-baby photos for a friend in Los Angeles. It was before I had Photoshop or a digital camera. Clara and I both worked @ the Darkroom, a photo lab in the valley. When she became pregnant I was more than honored to take her photos. Unfortunately with time, we've lost contact & she got all the negatives.

Recently, a friend from school asked me to take her pre-baby pictures. Now equipped with a digital camera and Photoshop, and professional lights I created these...

The point of doing stuff for free is to get the word out about my photography, though hard to do when the word doesn't happen. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that more will want nice photos, plus it's always good to keep learning and updating my portfolio. Enjoy

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