Travel Workshop - RMSP

I somehow, years back, received the RMSP booklet on their courses. I mean like 10 years ago! And ever since then I have wanted to get back to Montana and shoot for real. I visited the school in 2010 while visiting my friend Kris, which made me want to go even more. But like most things in MY life - money - or lack of got in the way.

I haven't given up on the idea. And still get updates and workshop information. Check out their website for more information.

Here is a little snippet from their blog...

With your DSLR set to manual mode and an "in-your-sleep" understanding of f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO, it’s time to pack your bags. Travel Workshops with RMSP are lifetime experiences waiting to happen. Offered throughout the year in locations close to your own backyard or halfway around the globe, these 19 workshops rely on light and landscape as the primary subject. Led by one - and in some cases two - of the best photography instructors in the industry, you not only get to visit these locations, but you get to photograph them with a professional by your side.

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