Easy work if you can find it

I've recently started participating in Crowdspring. Which is this great freelance website that allows people who need logos, illustration, print etc post a "contest". Those interested can participate. I've officially done three. WEEEE. Still learning. What I really like about the site is the easy interface, it's simple & you don't have to bid like other freelance sites. Which I haven't tried yet b/c of that. But will soon, being I'm currently looking for my third job. Anyhoo...even if you win or not you can use the art work you created in your portfolio. So, that gets me motivated to create new things.

I've realized as an artist, photographer & now graphic designer, I like restrictions (to an extent) if I'm going to get paid for something I want you to tell me how you want the piece. I don't like to guess. I like to get all the information up front so there is no second guessing on my part. If I had the ability to read minds I would be doing something else, or just chilling on a yacht somewhere in Hawaii.

In regards to the contest. This last go around was a vintage style illustration for a Christian camp. In the style of the vintage travel posters like this....

Some people actually posted posters that looked nothing like a vintage poster, all they did was find a photo and use some sort of Photoshop filter on it and they posted it as is, guess what it looks like?  poo. If someone is going to give you money to do work, then do it! Gosh that chaps my hide. Of course some people did do the work, and their stuff looks awesome!

and mine not too shabby. 12+ hours later I did 3 posters, don't know who will win but that's half the fun right?

 Here are two that I did...I'll post something once I know how I did.

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