Inspiration is found everywhere

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering 

life by holding it still.”

~Dorothea Lange  (American documentary photographer, 1895-1965)

Going back to an orignal post 3 years ago, yep I've had this blog 3 years or longer... but this is the only year that I've actually kept up with this blog, it helps to have the pre-post where you can save... it's awesome.

But I digress...

This is a post I had years ago, but I still like the links I provided, but this time around, I'm including photos from them, now that I know how to do that.

Here is what I said before.... Photography seems to be a very competitive field. If someone finds a good idea or a way to shoot, it's a secret. And I understand that there are alot of people w/ NO creative juices and do steal ideas. But I think sharing ones skill w/ someone else is essential for learning, and learning something about oneself as well.

And even though I don't know these people I find their photography inspiring...encouraging are a few photographers links that I love. (just one for now)

"You must firmly go after the desires of your heart, without any hesitation or negative regard for what MAY happen, because only God knows what WILL happen" (where the heck did I get this quote? it's awesome)

These photos are by Sarah Bones.

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